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Pre-Inspection Checklist

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Before scheduling your inspection, please review the items in the checklist to make sure you are prepared for your upcoming inspection.


What's Included?

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All Inspections include a FOUR POINT and WINDSTORM MITIGATION Inspection.

Residential Reports are, typically, ready within 24 hours of the inspection time

Commercial Reports are, typically, ready within 48 hours of the inspection time (may take longer depending in size and condition)

YOU Must Provide the Correct Information

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We review all inspections for proper SQUARE FOOTAGE. Please check to make sure you have the correct building square footage for the property as the fees may be adjusted if the property is larger than what you input

YOU Must Make Sure Utilities Are On

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We suggest that you check with your Agent to make sure that the utilities are turned “ON”.

Commercial Buildings?

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Please call our office for Commercial Building Inspection proposals: 754-231-4440.

24-hr Cancellation Policy

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We charge a $75 cancellation fee if for any reason the inspection is cancelled within 24 hrs of start time.

Residential or Commercial, You Name It, We’ll Be There.

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